Saturday, March 19, 2016

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

This was my first foray into the writing of Elizabeth Gilbert and I was not disappointed. Of course I am aware of her because of Eat Pray Love, but (even though I own a copy of that book somewhere) I still haven't read it yet.

This book crossed my radar on twitter and after seeing a photo of the cover I had to look into it. It's a book about creativity and living the creative life. Elizabeth Gilbert gives her take on writing and living creatively and she does it in the most refreshingly honest manner. She is just such a down to earth person that tells it like it is and I am so grateful for that. It's part instruction manual, part story time, and part inspirational blanket. It's a book that will spark your creative flame and welcome you into a world of others trying to do what you do.

I loved every bit of this book. Some of her ideas were new and so interesting that I often find myself thinking about them at random times. I don't want to spoil it, but shes got some pretty cool thoughts about where ideas come from, and I think everyone should read it.

 This book is definitely among my most favorite books, and I know that I will be re-reading it in part, or in whole, over and over again for the years to come. Actually, I already have. It's been sitting on my nightstand for about a week now and I keep picking it up to look it over again. I even joined a group on Goodreads just because they were going to read this book this year and I wanted to know what they thought/make myself have an excuse to read it again.

I think I could honestly highlight and quote the whole book if I let myself, there's just so much useful and true wisdom inside. She may give out some tough love with her words, but they are so very necessary. 

Recommendation: This is so very necessary and helpful to anyone looking to live the creative life, especially as a writer. You will not be disappointed in this lovely book. Pick it up and cherish it like I have.