Friday, June 12, 2015

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

I came across this book towards the end of last year I believe, around the time the editions with the movie tie in covers were hitting the shelves. All I knew of it was that it was a mystery with a crazy twist. 

I was a little late to the party so I had spoken to a couple people about the book, and for the most part, they said that it was rather slow going at first but it really picked up again by the end. I was told the twist ending was worth reading the book. 

Honestly, none of that deterred me. I often find myself enjoying books where others have said they were slow or boring so I went into reading this book with a totally open mind. Well, except for the fact that Ben Affleck was starring in the movie and I'm not really a fan of his. 

I came across a deal and bought the book. Took me about three hours to read it, and I finished it in one sitting. Then I very nearly threw it across the room. 

I utterly and completely disliked this book. Why, you ask?

It was predicable. It was unrealistic. The ending was entirely improbable. There was a whole slew of bits in the middle that were unnecessary to the plot in my opinion. I won't go into more detail because I never want to spoil any book, even one I didn't like, for you the reader. 

I can appreciate what the author was trying to do with the story, and the concept was pretty neat, but it just made me mad. Her writing was perfect and I do not doubt her talent, its just it wasn't what I would have wanted. It just wasn't for me. 

The end though... I don't believe anyone, anywhere would live that way. Sorry. It could have been so much more, really. The twist was like a huge firework that shot into the air to only puff out a couple dull sparks and fade away. It was not enough. Maybe I was so annoyed with this book because it wasn't tied up neatly in a bow that sparkles and lets you know everything is all right. I don't know. 

No, I haven't seen the movie. I know things can appear differently on screen then in a book and maybe it works better as a movie. Who knows. It just didn't work as a book for me. 

Recommendation: See the movie, maybe?  I don't know. It was a total miss for me. 


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