Thursday, July 30, 2015

Writing Down the Bones by Natalie Goldberg

I came across this book in the reference section under writing. Immediately it called out to me. I snapped it up and I am so darn glad I did.

This book is an inspiration to new writers and old writers alike to write. She talks about the how-to's the why and the just do's to get any writers hand moving across that paper (or key board). She writes like she's sitting in a coffee shop across from you tell you stories, but at the same time lifting you up and inspiring you again and again.

I loved this book immensely. It was a great introduction into the writing of this author. She is such a huge inspiration and her words are just so amazing. This book was non stop wisdom. Every page is a new blast of inspiration and advice.

Every writer needs to have this book on their shelves to refer to at any time. There's no question why this book is a best seller.

Her methods are simple but effective. She does go into a little bit of detail with regards to her Zen practices and how they have helped her, along with the lessons they have taught her. I found it really interesting which is why I've also read another one of her books The True Secret of Writing which covers more of that including the writing workshops she's held and the methods she teaches them. Don't worry, the review on that book is coming soon!

I can dive into this book on any page at any time and feel revived and inspired. I am cherishing my copy, that's for sure.

Recommendation: Attention all writers, aspiring writers, and those thinking of writing: You need this book. It's a must. A serious must. Don't question it, just read it!!

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