Monday, August 3, 2015

Z: A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald by Therese Anne Fowler

I picked this one up on sale and I was really excited to read it. After reading The Great Gatsby and learning a bit about F. Scott Fitzgerald and his life, I was super interested in reading this book, even if it is a fictional autobiography.

This book is about the life of Fitzgeralds wife Zelda Sayre. When they met, what life was like in the 1920's during the Jazz Age. There was also some insight into the life of Fitzgerald and what it was like to be a writer in those days.

I will start off by saying this book was beautifully written. It was interesting and informative and kept my full attention. I read in all in one sitting. I couldn't put it down. From a literary perspective it was a work of art.

The main subject of this story, the life of Zelda, was heartbreaking. It made me angry, sad, and confused. It was such a tough story to read. If I ever wore rose coloured glasses when it comes to the lives of writers back in the days of Hemingway and Fitzgerald, they are most certainly off.

My heart just broke for her. I wanted things to have turned out differently for her. It was such a different kind of story then what I usually read. I didn't know how things were going to go. I guess I just assumed the story would be a happy one. It's not that its a terrible story, its just its heart felt and intense.

I don't want to ruin it for anyone, because believe me, its worth the read. The thing with it is, its a look at the life of another person who actually lived. Can't always be the perfect dream we all hope for.

Recommendation: Read this. It is so worth it. I am happy to have read it for all the pain it caused me. People aren't meant to be forgotten. They are meant to be celebrated.

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