Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Wallflowers by Eliza Robertson

This one was a short story collection written by a fellow Canadian. I actually heard about this book first from a magazine. It was under new and hot reads. I remember cutting out the little blurb and saving it to look for it later. By chance, I came across it at the library totally by accident!

I will say I didn't get to read them all. I believe I read about half of the stories before I needed to return the book to the library.

What I did get to read, I will tell you, was strange and haunting, and perhaps even a bit magical. I found I couldn't read more than one at a time. Once I finished reading a story, I had to step away for a while to digest what I read. They were so different and so empty but full of life all at the same time that you were left feeling unsettled but intrigued.

I am not usually a huge fan of short stories. I always want more from them. I know that's just me, but I will say I did have quite a few questions after reading these. They were so different and left so much to our imagination.

Recommendation: These are weird. They are strange. They are haunting. But they are crazy good. Perfect for any short story lovers!

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