Friday, April 29, 2016

Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott

I've owned this book for quite a while and I've always counted it among one of my favorites. It might actually be one of the first books I read about writing.

A funny thing happened when I sat down to write my review of this book. I couldn't remember a thing about it. I drew a huge blank. If you had mentioned the title and shown me the book, I would have told you I loved it and that it was one of my favorites, but the details? I couldn't remember. I had even forgot who wrote it which is amazing to me because Anne Lamott is great.

Anne Lamott is a writer who inspires me. I follow her on twitter, and I see quotes of hers all over the place online. I even copy and write out her words in my journals all the time, making sure I pay attention. Somehow I completely forgot this gem of a book was hers. 

This book is an honest and serious look at writing. Anne Lamott
doesn't sugar coat it, doesn't beat around the bush, just tells you like it is. When it comes to writing, she lays it out in a beautiful way with words that are pure gold. It's anecdotal, full of writing tips and bits of her life. It's beautiful and great in all the ways books like these always are. I loved it.

To me, she's the voice I need inside my head speaking to me day after day, telling me to get my act together and write. No doubt that is the very reason I forgot about this book was because I didn't want to get my act together, it was easier to forget. 

That being said, I need to reread this book again very soon. I should never have ignored or forgot her words in the first place, but my devious lazy mind took over, as it so often does.

Recommendation: Pick this up, all aspiring writers. You are hurting yourself passing this one by.  I really cannot explain why this book is so impressive, you just need to read it for yourself. 

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