Saturday, June 4, 2016

Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

I picked this book up used years ago because everyone was talking about it and I figured some day I would give it a try even though it wasn't really my type of read. I am a mystery lover to the core but I've been branching out a lot lately and I am enjoying myself.

I did not quite know what to expect with this book. I didn't watch the movie at all so all I knew was what was written on the back. Right off the bad, I was surprised but delighted at how the book was set up. I love that it was in sections and it was set up in little stories of her memories.

I liked the way she just told us her story and let it all out there. Of course, she is a great writer and I have been picking up some of her other works when I find them (like Big Magic which everyone needs to read. Read my thoughts about it here) and I think she's such an interesting person.

This book was really great. I loved the rawness about it. It left me wanting more and I found it to be really inspiring in unexpected ways. I didn't want to put it down either. There's so much about the lives of others that really moves us and I really do enjoy true stories like this.

She does touch on her beliefs quite a bit but I even enjoyed that part too. Differences between our lives and the lives of others are just as great as the similarities. I have definitely not experienced the same things that she has, but I could still identify with her story.

This is going to be a book that I will be rereading for sure in the future. I would like to see the movie too at some point.

Recommendation: Give this a try. It's good, it'll make you feel things, and .you'll like it.

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