Friday, October 21, 2016

Closed Casket by Sophie Hannah

This is the newest Hercule Poirot novel by Sophie Hannah. This is the second one she has written and I didn't even know it existed! If it wasn't for some of you awesome people over on bookstagram that had snapped it up and photographed it, I would have totally missed this one!

Now, I love any and all Poirot stories. Doesn't matter if it's an Agatha Christie or by another authorized author like Sophie Hannah, I eat it up. This one I ate up so very fast as soon as I got it in my hands.

This one has all the hallmarks of an Agatha Christie. There's a strange cast of characters, over heard conversations, multiple mysteries inside of mysteries... all the good things we love from a Poirot.

I was a little disappointed though. I really liked it, but... it just wasn't the greatest. I felt like there could have been more Poirot. Like there could have been a lot more of him thinking, investigating, and doing his thing. I felt like too much was revealed by the side characters and not enough was ferreted out by the master.

That said, you need to read this. It was still such a good book. I am excited for the possibility of more from Sophie Hannah. I will never walk away from a Poirot mystery. It's just not possible. This one was good, but I think perhaps I'm picky when it comes to the famous Belgian detective.

Recommendation: If you somehow haven't read this yet but you are a fan of Poirot, then go and read it. Right now. Seriously.

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