Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Why We Write: 20 Acclaimed Authors on How and Why They Do What They Do by Meredith Maran

This was a random library find a couple weeks ago. I wasn't looking for anything like this but I found myself sitting at a table right next to the shelves of books on writing and as soon as I saw the title of this book I grabbed it up.

As someone who is searching for her meaning in life (which I am highly suspecting has to do with writing) this sounded like a perfect informative read for me.

I have this weird habit of forgetting who sings songs. I might remember the words, sometimes the title, but I almost always forget who is the one performing it. I tell you this because I apparently have that issue when it comes to authors too!

Looking at the list of authors who were sharing their experiences in this book didn't overly thrill me. I think out of 20 I knew/could recognize the names of about 6 of them. As I was reading though, it hit me how many I had heard of, how many I did know, and how much I did know about their work!

This was pretty darn interesting. I am back at the library today as I write this and I am going to be going back to that section and I am going to be looking for more books like this. I love reading about people's lives and why they do what they do (especially when it comes to writing).

To say I learned a lot wouldn't really be true. So much of their advice I had heard before (whether or not I want to listen is a whole other story). What I did learn though was how they feel about their work and how they came about their successes. It's almost reassuring to know that it wasn't easy. Misery loves company after all!

This was an easy read, something that might feel repetitive after the first 10 or so, but I'd advise reading them all. Each person's story is different and unique and I think they all have gems of wisdom to impart.

Recommendation: For the readers who love the process and for the writers who are just starting (or have been writing for years) This was a good read for sure!

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