Monday, June 5, 2017

Ever the Hunted by Erin Summerill

This book was the first in a new series. Right off the bat, can we just take a moment and stare at that cover!? Who would have thought a mostly white cover would be so stunning! It's a gorgeous book!

I snapped this up at the library because of the cover and because I had seen it mentioned by a couple of you lovely readers out there in the bookstagram community. This is a fantasy type of story in another world filled with magic.

Ever the Hunted is about a girl named Britta who, after the murder of her father, is trying to survive in a world where she has no rights and cannot inherit property. She gets caught for poaching to survive and is dragged in before the King to trade her life for the life of the person who supposedly killed her father. She must help track him down in order to earn a home of her own and escape death for poaching. Her father was the King's bounty hunter and because of the target they are hunting, they believe she is the perfect skilled hunter to bring him in. That boy? Her father's former apprentice and the boy she used to love who broke her heart. She goes on this journey to figure out who really killed her father, no matter who did it, uncover secrets, and to save the kingdom.

This book was like some other books of this type, but yet, it wasn't. It had the girl who was different, setting out on her own, getting caught up in the race to save the world and the ones she loves, while coming to terms with who she really is and what she can do. Still though, it was delightful to read.

At times it was a little heavy on the romance and the self discovery, but it was really full of twists and turns. It was the world that was created and the magic that was woven through it that really kept me glued to the page. I just went with it, fell into the story, and just enjoyed it for what it was. I didn't get hyper critical or picked it apart. It was a great story.

Reading this felt like such a great escape. That's something I totally look for in the books I read. I was taken out of my life with this book and put into a totally different place and taken along for the ride. I really did enjoy this book and I will be keeping my eye out for the next one! I really, really want to know what happens next!

Recommendation: If you love magic, other worlds, and the search for the truth (and romance) than you will definitely enjoy this book!

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