Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath

My first knowledge of Sylvia Plath was on a teen show quite a few years ago. The guy was making fun of a girl for being emotional and broody and he referred to The Bell Jar. It's still the first thing I think of when this book comes to mind. This show (possibly the same episode) was also when I learned of Jane Austen and her works.

Since then I have learned that Sylvia Plath was a brilliant writer and poet. I am familiar with her life story, and although it's not the happiest, it's still very important.

The Bell Jar is a classic. Sylvia Plath wrote a tale of a woman's life dealing with depression and mental illness. Some of the events in this book actually mirror her own life and it is said it was semi-autobiographical. She originally published this book under a pseudonym.

This is a haunting tale, but it's an important read. It gives you a look inside the mind of someone dealing with depression. It's really hard to describe this book. It's powerful and emotional and will leave you with mixed feelings.

I would say that I am happy to have read it. I can understand Sylvia Plath and our draw to her like a moth to a flame. She was a beautiful writer, and a beautiful person. Her work was very important and it deserves to be appreciated.

Recommendation: Go look up this author and her work. If you can handle it, then please, read it. It is a classic and deserves to be read. Take it for what it is. I consider it a gem in my collection.

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