Saturday, February 25, 2017

A Shadow Bright and Burning by Jessica Cluess

This was a total cover buy. I came across it at the bookstore and I found myself picking it up and reading the synopsis three times before I actually grabbed it. There was something about this book that kept pulling me in. Usually with teen novels I end up purchasing because I read all about them on Instagram and I take the plunge when I can get them for a good deal (and it sounds like something I would read) but this one wasn't really being mentioned when I bought it.

I guess there are some mixed reviews out about this book but I don't think that should deter you from reading it if you find it interesting. As a reviewer of books myself, I know it sounds counter productive to tell you to ignore reviews of a book, but I don't want to sway you any specific way with my reviews. I just want to tell you my thoughts and feelings and let you make your own decision. The decision you make doesn't affect me in any way, either. I just review books because I love talking about them! The point is, I wouldn't take someone's review as a guarantee of what you might feel about a book. It's all relative. 

I liked this book. It wasn't superb or amazing but it was good. By the end I was glued to the page to read more. In fact, I hope there are more in this series coming out because I really want to know what happens next. It may not have blown my socks off but it's keeping me coming back for more. Bit of a mixed bag of emotions from this one. 

I found parts a little slow, like I was hoping for more character development faster than the book was giving it to me. The basics of the story have also been done many, many times before and I did feel like we were being handed bare bones with a new dress on them to dress them up. The dress though, was one hell of a dress.

No complaints about the end and the twists to the story, it was interesting. I actually did like this book. It felt simple at times but it was good.

Recommendation: If this book interests you, then read it. I don't think you'll be

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur

I waited a really long time to get my hands on this book but it
was worth it.

Milk and Honey is a book of poetry by this amazing Canadian poet and artist Rupi Kaur. Also people, she's only on her 20's! 

The book is split up into four sections as deals with different things we experience in life. It deals a lot with heartache and love that we all experience in our twenties. 
After seeing so many quotes and pictures on Instagram highlighting her work I needed to get my hands on it myself. I am happy I did.

I read it through pretty fast actually, more like devoured it whole like a big piece of cheesecake. I'm glad I own it versus getting it at the library because I am looking forward to reading it again and again. I think I might have missed some parts or got swept away in some places that a re-read is really important. 

When it comes to relationships and love I totally know where she's coming from although I no longer feel the same way. This book would have dug itself deep into my core about 10 years ago (back when I was writing poetry about the same things) Now though, I understand and appreciate her words, but they don't all hit me the same way.

That's not to say I don't identify with her work, because I definitely do, it's just there's a time in my life when I would have identified with it so much more! 

Recommendation: Don't be scared of this book because it's poetry, if it sounds interesting to you at all then please go read it. There is so much to gain from her words. It's worth it! 

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Ruddy Gore by Kerry Greenwood

Yes, I know. Another Miss Fisher mystery! I'm sorry but they are just so much fun that I can't help but post about them and honestly, I read quite a few at a time (thank you library!) and if I didn't write about them then I wouldn't have very many reviews!

Now this one was pretty cool. It deals with the theater and everything that comes with it. Actors with egos, on stage deaths, the drama and passion of it all. It might be the usual plot line of a mystery involving the stage but it didn't feel that way which is always a plus.

If you've read any of these books yourself, then you'll find a man showing up time and time again as one of her main lovers. I thought this character was quite interesting, and even more interesting is how they meet which is covered in this lovely book. 

I've often wondered why he's never mentioned in the show but I guess because perhaps there isn't time? Or because giving her other lovers is more fun? She does still have more than one in the books (in this book too I believe!). Then there's the tension with the detective that the show provides that I wouldn't change for a minute! 

As always, this was a great read. If you've been following along with me into my foray into this series you'll know that some of them I just find "good" and other ones I find "great" I think this one tips more to the side of great!

Recommendation: For the lover's of murder, mayhem, a woman being herself and being great at it, this is a book for you!