Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Malice at the Palace by Rhys Bowen

I was in a bit of a hurry the other day while searching for goodies at Chapters. They had a whole deal going on that you needed to buy so many books and get some percentage off or something (like I need a reason to buy books) and I had a gift card, so I grabbed this book. 

I had seen this series before at the bookstore and it had always piqued my interest. It's about a girl whose cousins with the Royal family in England. It's set back in the 1930's and it involves murder, intrigue, spying, and a woman doing things for herself. In this particular story, Lady Georgiana Rannoch is tasked with being a companion to a Princess from Greece who is to wed the King's son George. Prince George has always been a bit of a play boy so keeping the Princess unaware of his past is a big task. When one of the prince's former flings is found murdered, Lady Georgiana searches for the killer while helping out the highest powers that be from having things turn into a scandal. 

This one is the 9th in the series, and I didn't know too much more about it till I grabbed this one. This was the kind of book that catches your eye and you read the back a couple times before taking the plunge one day and reading it. 

Honestly, I confused this one with another series I was planning on reading but it turned out totally okay as I enjoyed this book! The other series had a female protagonist and dealt with spying too but that's okay. I'll get to that one eventually. 

This book felt a little slow going at the beginning. For a cozy mystery, this one was little bit more complicated that I had thought it would have been. It did get into a groove around the half way mark, so I'm happy I kept with it. 

 There were lots of hints at past exploits without giving too much away which I liked because that gives me a reason to go back and read more. I wouldn't say that this is a series that I need to collect and put on my shelves but I do think that if I come across more of them at the library then I would definitely read them.  

Recommendation: For the lover of a good mystery, especially one about England back in the day. Detailed and interesting. Give it a go!

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