Thursday, June 7, 2018

Poemcrazy by Susan Goldsmith Wooldridge

This is a book about poetry. Like the cover says, it's about freeing your life with words.

This is a bit of a instruction type of book, as it comes with exercises and activities to get you going, but it's filled with nuggets of wisdom, and bits of true life from the authors work teaching how to write poetry and from her own life.

It's a very intense book but its not intimidating in the least. I say it's intense because it makes you feel things. I found myself reading through and having to stop and put the book down to reflect on what I read. In such a good way.

The exercises sometimes feel so simple but still make you feel like you are creating something while you are doing them. Like it's not busy work and it's not quite always just you writing a poem, its about playing with words.

This book gives such a beautiful and whimsical feel to poetry that those who are terrified of poetry will feel very differently after this book.

I'm pretty sure I got through this book a couple years ago when I bought it, but for some reason when I picked it up off my shelf and flipped through it I found myself not remembering a lot of it, like I had  a mental block on it. This of course sounds nuts as I love this book and I am planning on going back and doing all of the exercises very soon.

This is up there in my favourites on writing along with Writing Down the Bones, Stephen King's On Writing, and Bird by Bird. I loved all of those books and I love this one too.

Recommendation: For those interested in poetry, for those who want to write, who do write, who are always wanting to learn about writing. This is a resource and an experience waiting to happen.

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