Friday, December 7, 2018

City of Ghosts by Victoria Schwab

I am already one heck of a fan of Victoria Schwab, and I've got a pretty big collection of her books on my shelf. It didn't matter to me that this was a middle grade book. It was going to be mine and I knew I was going to love it.

This book is about a girl named Cassidy who can see ghosts. Her parents are ghost hunters of sorts, but they can't actually see ghosts like Cassidy can. Her best friend also happens to be a ghost. When Cassidy's parents take her to Scotland to film a television show about haunted places, she finds her self meeting some not so nice ghosts and ends up in a fight to save her life.

I was all for this book from the beginning. I love books about ghosts, people who see ghosts, just all things paranormal in general.

As usual, Victoria's writing was just perfect. She draws you in, sits you down, and tells you a story that you can't pull yourself away from.

I gobbled this one up in one sitting, very happily.

There might be some who say if it's middle grade than it's for kids but I assure you, this is a great book no matter your age. I was still able to connect with the characters, feel myself in the story, and be present in all the ways a good book makes you feel. It was lovely.

There will be more of these books and I cannot wait! The other really cool thing is this book might be made into a tv show! She did say it'll be aged up with Cassidy being in college instead of in school, but honestly, that's fine. Those are minor details. It's the rest of the story that matters!

Recommendation: Read this if you love ghosts, stories about self discovery, getting into trouble, and saving the day. Read this if you love a good story told by a remarkable story teller.

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