Friday, May 8, 2015

Flavia De Luce Mysteries by Alan Bradley

I discovered the Flavia De Luce mysteries purely by chance a couple years ago. I was looking to step away from my usual authors and pick up something new. There was a whole display of newer books and I picked up The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie mostly because of the title.

The novels follow Flavia De Luce the eleven year old chemist as she discovers dead bodies and becomes wrapped up in the mysteries that ensue. She's stubborn, shes very smart, and she keeps you on your toes. She is an English girl living in a big mansion with her father, two sisters, a man of all trades, and a cook that comes to help out in their kitchen. Everyone is a character and a half and well worth getting to know. 

I love these books. I really do. The main character is a refreshing one, and the titles alone are totally cool. There are six so far in the series, and I have them all. I read somewhere that there are plans for 10 which makes me incredibly happy because these books are great.

The latest one that has come out this year has the novel going in a bit of a different direction, but I am a-okay with it. These are definitely up there with my favorite books. I had hoped to get them all in soft cover, but I found the third one at a thrift store for about $5 in hard cover so I couldn't resist. Same with the newest one, it was 40% off I believe, so I didn't wait for soft cover. 

I love that these books were written by a Canadian, but I still find it a little odd that a man can write a little girl so well. I will say that perhaps Flavia is a little more masculine because of it. Doesn't matter though, I am still on board and loving these books.

Recommendation: If you love a good mystery, pick these up! They are wonderful!

Thank you for reading!


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