Saturday, May 16, 2015

The Catcher in the Rye by J. D. Salinger

This is one of those books. It's a classic, and its one that no one really explains why they like it (even though many say they do.)

In my pursuit of expanding my reading of the classics, I picked this one up to see for myself what the whole rigmarole

Well I can honestly say I am more confused then before. This book was well and truly wasted on me. I didn't really like it, I didn't really enjoy it, and I didn't really understand it. I couldn't identify with the main character at all, which is what so many people say they like about this book. I just kept feeling lost like I was out in fog and I couldn't figure out where I was or even if I knew where I should be going. 

I googled the book after I read it and it was clear I missed a lot of the nuances and themes in this book. Even knowing more after didn't make the book any less odd to me. Perhaps if I had been required to study it in school perhaps, with someone to help me make sense of it? I might have at least been more comfortable with this book.

I keep having the feeling that this book is like the Emperor's Clothes. We all say this book is lovely and great for fear of some type of repercussion if we admit there really isn't anything of substance there at all. 

Recommendation: Read it at your own will. I don't think it should be missed, I think it should be experienced, but just know its well off the beaten path. 

*As usual, this is just my opinion. Take it and leave it as you wish. There is no possible way for us all to fall in love with the same things all the time. That's what makes us unique.*

Thank you for reading!


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