Monday, May 4, 2015

Much Ado About Books

I love to read. It's one of my favourite things. I feel that through reading we can live thousands of lives, learn new things, and experience moments we would never have been able to in our daily lives. I think reading is truly magical.

These days when I get into a book (usually when I have free time) I find myself reading it in one sitting. This means I read quite a few books a month. Because of my interest in literature, I've started expanding my reading to books that may have been out of my comfort zone before and to learn to better appreciate the writing. I feel that novels are meant to teach us something, especially the classics, and because of that I have started writhing down what I feel about each of them for myself. 

 It occurred to me that a lot of my most recent book purchases were made because I came across the books on someone else's social media. I have also come across so many lovely book focused Instagrams and blogs that I adore. I won't lie, I wanted in on the fun! 

There will be no detailed synopsis on the books, no major plot points discussed, no spoilers of any kind. I am not assuming you have read the book so I am treating this more like a general review and less like a book club discussion.

I am going to go through some old favourites as well as some new books as I read them. Some books will be reviewed by author, some by series, others on their own. I will do this at my own whim, so please, bear with me. 

Recommendations are absolutely welcome! I would love to read and write about what interests you, so please let me know.  

Thank you for reading!


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