Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Reading Goals for 2019

First we need to talk about 2018:

For the last couple of years I've been trying to read 100 books in a year. This hasn't actually happened. I think I made it to 50 or 60 in 2017 and then in 2018 I made it to 66 books when my goal was 75, which I thought would be easy.

I tried to read smaller books, ebooks, those that would be quick reads so I could add the book to the list of books I've finished. This was a really crappy way to read, and although I read a couple of good books last year, I don't have any that stand out as must-read-I'll-shout-it-from-the-rooftop books. That sucks. 

I tried to branch out by picking up some popular books, those that everyone else loved, telling myself I need to experience more reads outside of my comfort zone. Guess what? Those books are still sitting on my shelf unread. 

As for the Unread Shelf Project... well I was good for a couple months and then it was like it was never a thing. I acquired a lot of books last year and I still have yet to read most of them. I'm going to go count the unread and take stock of my books later today. 

Here's what I've decided to do in 2019:

1. My Goodreads goal is 12 books. That's one book a month, and more than doable. It's not about reaching a number, it's about reading whatever I want to read and just be happy. 

2. I will be attempting to do the Unread Shelf Project again, with two small changes. I will still acquire free ebooks and review copies, along with the occasional library trip. I will make allowances to buy books I need because they are part of a series I already own and am reading, or if it's one of the new releases I require from an auto buy author. Otherwise, there's no more trips to the book store buying a bunch of books because they sound good and I might like to read them, and I'm going to be "shopping" my own shelves for reads.

3. Catch up on reviews/post more frequently on here. I really do love bookstagram and writing reviews on my blog, regardless if who reads them. I really want to write more than just reviews and this year I'm going to make more time to do just that. 

4. I want to be as free as I can be about what I read, like I used to do. I think the last year or so I was more focused on reading what everyone else was reading, including new releases, when there are so many older books out there I would love to read. Now it's going to be all about what I want to read.

This is my plan and I am excited for all the great reads waiting for me! 

What are your reading goals?

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