Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The Demonologist by Andrew Pyper

On almost every trip I made to Chapters in the last couple of months I found myself drawn to this book. Every time though, I would put it back. Until the last trip when I finally just decided that if I keep reading the back and staring at it then I might as well read it!

I found it interesting. It's a story about a professor who studies literature related to demons and hell and other somewhat related religious works. He gets asked to simply travel to Rome to look at something. He does and all hell breaks loose.

I read that this book may be made into a movie. If it does it will probably be a horror movie. I honestly think that this book would make a better movie than a book. I felt like this book only touched the surface of a whole lot of things that I think the author was trying to convey. I wanted more information, I wanted more and I think perhaps a movie could show a whole lot more.

I enjoyed it but it wasn't anything really amazing and earth shattering. It did remind me a little of The Davinci Code (which I quite liked) but this book just didn't seem on the same level.

Recommendation: It's worth it for those who love demons and horror stories. It was not a terrible novel, but you could give it a miss.

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