Saturday, May 23, 2015

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

I can't remember why I hunted this down at the book store. I must have read about it somewhere in passing, but it wasn't until after checking out reviews that found out how popular this book has been.

The edition I have comes with and introduction from the author. That alone gutted me in two. Right from the start it broke me open and started putting me back together. 

This book is so full of wisdom and life lessons that must come right from the universe its self. It speaks to you in subtle and not so subtle metaphors that urge you to live a life with more happiness and purpose. It teaches you the importance of following your dreams.  It's a great experience. 

I really do think that this book, if you're paying attention, can change your life. I think everyone, no matter who you are, should read this book at least once. or twice. or five times. Sometimes I pull my copy out and flip through it.

You need to know that this book isn't like any of those self help, mushy, how to be the best person you can be in 5 steps type of book. This book tells you a story, and if you're listening, it will show you so much more. 

I had not read or even heard about this author before reading this book. I have to say now that I'm hooked. He writes in such a bewitching manner that you just drift away in his stories. I have a couple more books of his in my library already, but I feel like they all need to be covered on their own.

Recommendation: This book is called a fable about following your dreams. We all need that kind of encouragement in our lives. Read this. It will change you. I promise. 

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