Sunday, May 10, 2015

The Help by Kathryn Stockett

Often I find my eyes stopping on the spine of this book when I glance over to my book shelf. I have plans to read this one again, but alas the "to be read" list gets bigger by the week it seems.

I can't recall how I heard of this book, but it was probably because the movie was coming out. I think I might have picked it up because it was so talked about at the time and because I knew it was starring Emma Stone. 

I found it to be a moving story and although it was fiction, I do believe that the lives as told by the Help could have and probably did happen just like the author wrote. I think this book
encompassed the right amount of humour, truth, historical references, and enough fiction to make it an important but easy read on an indelicate subject. 

I thought this book was very well written and easy to follow. I can see why it became so popular at the time, and I hope it is still well loved.

By the way, I love the movie too. It brings me to tears and it makes me laugh. I love all the actors and actresses in that movie and I think it was wonderfully done. Emma Stone is one of my absolute favourites.
 I only have one complaint with it, but as far as movies based on books, I think they did it justice. 

My only wish would be to be able to read the book they wrote in this book. I would be very interested to hear more stories about the real lives of the people who worked as The Help. I have a fascination with people and their life stories, good or bad. 

I count this book among my favourites and I have watched the movies several times. 

Recommendation: If you haven't yet had the pleasure, please do!

Thank you for reading!


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