Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The White Princess by Philippa Gregory

This is the first review so far of a book that I have just read. I finished this one a couple nights ago.

I am almost certain that I've read a novel by Philippa Gregory in the past, because her name always looks so familiar. I did a little research on the author and it turns out that she wrote the book The Other Boleyn Girl that was made into a movie which I sadly have never watched.

I purchased this novel a week or two ago from the clearance last copy sale section of my local Chapters book store. Combined with another discount I had, the book cost me $1.44. It was a huge steal, cheaper than I find at most used book stores. Of course I had to have it.

This book was a historical fiction book set in the late 1400's in England and it followed the lives of some of the royalty at the time. This author takes real historical facts like people and places, then paints her own picture of what could have happened (especially where there is not really an explanation of what happened in real life.)

I liked how she did it. It was very interesting. I liked that it was set from a woman's perspective living as royalty back in the 1400's. Because it was based in real life, with certain events having been recorded certain ways, she was limited in certain ways. This is why I disliked the ending the story had to have. It was not her fault, she was staying true to history, after all.

I don't think I will be hurrying to pick up her other novels. I liked it, and it kept my interest, but I do not feel like I am going to collect her other books. I think that the stories could get repetitive and although I do enjoy historical fiction, its not my absolute favourite. If I saw another book on a super sale, I would probably pick it up.

Recommendation: If you like historical fiction and you are familiar with her work, then read it. Otherwise, it isn't life shattering if you pass this one by.

Thank you for reading!


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