Thursday, October 1, 2015

Book of Souls by Glenn Cooper

This book was another cover grab at the library. I love stories about books that lean towards the mystical. This book was a take on knowing when you'll die. It involves a secret society that has these books that list the day you are born and the day you will die in them. They do stop, but not for a while yet.

The book was mostly an investigation on where these books come from, set in the present day, with a lot of fighting and intrigue like a spy novel. It reminded my a lot of The Davinci Code but perhaps not quite in the same league? I haven't read The Davinci Code, only watched the movie, but it's had the same feels.

It wasn't a complicated read, and I'm not sure I was overjoyed by the ending, but it was interesting and different.  Rather a cool concept.

Recommendation: If you like mysteries on the origins of life and the ends of time, spy type mysteries, novels of the past and the present, then this one could be the one for you!

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