Saturday, September 17, 2016

Cocaine Blues by Kerry Greenwood

This is the first book in the Phryne Fisher mysteries by Kerry Greenwood. 

I've talked about another other one of these great books here and if I can keep getting my hands on them I will keep talking about them!

In case you didn't know, there has been a t.v. show based on this lovely series of novels, and let me tell you, the show is just as amazing as the books! Honestly, I feel like reading the book is like watching an episode of the show. Every time I have to put the book down to get on with life, it feels like I just hit pause on the show. 

This one is great. Perfect introduction into the characters too. I know of all the main ones because of the TV show but the introduction of them in the stories was perfect. If you've seen the show then you'll find a couple differences between the introductions to the characters in the book, but honestly, I love them both.

It's just the perfect 1920's style mysteries set in Australia. It's got the clothes, the company, the mystery, and the experience of the 20's that just make this book and this series great. 

Cocaine Blues follows Phryne as she heads to Australia to investigate the daughter of a family friend. She finds herself immersed in the drug world and in the company of strange characters. She meets some new people who will become her close friends in the books to come. 

This is a short read, but well worth every second. Perfect introduction into the world of Miss Fisher. She is a younger, more stylish, and a more diva fantastic version of Miss Marple. 

Recommendation: If you love mysteries, novels about the 20's, and a really good story, then this is for you! This whole series is for you! Also, the show is great. And it's on Netflix!!

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