Friday, September 23, 2016

The Grownup by Gillian Flynn

This was a short story that was originally part of an anthology. You may recognize the name of the author as the one who wrote the book Gone Girl (among other novels)

Thing is, I want to like her work. I really do. There's something that just ruins it for me. The beginning starts off great, her writing really sucks me in, then the ending kills it for me. Every time.

The Grownup was a hell of a story. It starts off quickly, pulls you in, and totally takes over your attention. Then.... it falls flat. Utterly flat. I think maybe it's because I feel like her stories just don't ring true and you can tell. Like something is off. It just didn't thrill me.

The story was about a woman, a con artist working a bit of a weird scam where she is pretending to be a medium. She meets a woman with a weird family and a weird house. Things don't go the way she plans.

I went into this with no reservations, totally ignoring my feelings about her other work, but it still let me down. I feel like she could have done so much more with this story than she did. Glad I picked this up at the library!

Recommendation: If you like her writing, this one is for you. If you've never read anything else she's written, pick this up. Its a super short read but you'll know if you want to read more of her longer works by the end of this one.

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