Saturday, January 7, 2017

Uprooted by Naomi Novik

Last year this book was all over bookstagram and I was a little wary about it.

Now I have read other books by this author which I enjoyed but for some reason every time I stopped to look at the book at the bookstore I kept putting it back.

It's about wizard called the dragon who comes to the village every 10 years and takes a girl. He does this is exchange for keeping the people safe from the Wood that borders their village. It's fairly clear from the back of the book that the girl he takes isn't the one every one thinks he will take.

I think it was this basic outline that was turning me away at first.  I couldn't see where it was going and how great that it could turn out.

This book took so many turns that I wasn't expecting and each one was more amazing than the last. I really had no clue where this book was going to end up. 

I will admit that I was a little bit silly in not realizing on the back it says the dragon is a wizard because when I started reading I thought the dragon was an actual creature type of thing but right off the bat you find out he's not and I was pleasantly surprised.  Yeah. Still though, I was more than happy with the result. 

This book has magic, adventure, emotion, and intrigue. It is such a lovely tale that sweeps you up and spins a web of fairy tale and fantasy around you like a warm blanket. It's a really great literary distraction, so don't be afraid of picking this one up when you're stressed out. It will totally take your mind off your troubles. 

I've got no idea if there will be more after this one but I am dying to go back into the lives of these characters. This is definitely on my reread list for this year!

Recommendation: Read this. Immediately. You will love it. I promise!

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