Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Yearly Book Challenge Time!

It's the new year and that means we set ourselves new goals and new challenges.

One of the big ones is of course, the reading challenge on Goodreads. For the last two years I've set my goal to 100 books and both years I failed. In 2015 I think I got to around 50 maybe? Last year I read 58 books and was on the 59th on December 31st. 

I've seen a lot of posts about how many books people have read on Instagram in the last couple days and I am totally jealous of the people who made it to 100 books. I'm even more jealous to the writers who've read that many while still completing books. That right there is the dream that I am no where near reaching. I get totally jealous and feel like I'm so much less than them because I've not been able to reach those goals. 

That's such a big thing, that feeling of less than. I feel it every time someone is out there killing it while I'm on my couch watch trash television. I've got a lot to whip into shape when it comes to myself and where I want to be, this I know. 

I'm starting it off with a reasonable, real, honest goal.

I would still love to read 100 books this year, but rather than giving myself that goal (and then changing it over and over through out the year to make myself feel better).

My goal is 60 books. 

Come find me and let's reach our goals together, big or small. We can do this! 

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